For any issues related to bill payment, please contact customer care numbers 7640081232/7640081238 on whatsapp/call

1) Money was debited from my account but I did not receive voucher code (for prepaid consumers) or my payment was not adjusted to my bill (for post-paid consumers)

a) What should I do?

- Register your complaint by clicking here, any such payment issue will be resolved with 2-3 working days.

b) Why did this happen?
- Mostly this happens due to network outage at banking servers or unscheduled downtimes.
Our Payment Gateway provider does not receive any information from the issuing bank about the result of your payment. Hence payment gateway keeps the transaction in pending status and replies to MSPDCL with the status PENDING.
Payment gateway updates the transaction as either failed or successful only after they get a confirmation from the banks which normally takes 2-3 working days.
Hence MSPDCL is only able to update the status of your payment after 2-3 days.

c) My meter is going to run out of balance, what should I do now?
- To avoid power outage you should try to make the payment again by either visiting our vending counters or making online payment from a different bank account